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In everyone there is a creative streak waiting to emerge

DiDi's Walk In Studio for All Ages

Art it emphasises visual art as entertainment and as such offers families, adults and children services where you can have fun creating, decorating, gemming, feathering, buttoning and anything else that turns your creations into unique works of art.


Your personalised masterpiece can be anything from a classically painted canvas to a mixed media piece including objects that you have decorated such as jewellery boxes, money bank, t-shirts, sneakers, masks and more!


Walk In

Children come and enjoy an hour or two of art and have fun whilst your parents get on with their shopping. Adults too can try their hand at a range of activities

Art Classes

Art It offers art classes to children from age 5 through their teens, adults to senior citizens wanting to get in touch with their inner child and find their creativity.


Whether for adults or for children, parties at Art it are always great craic! Throw a paint filled balloon, decorate a unicorn, draw a live model, and much more!

Summer Camps

Children from the age of 5 to 13 can enjoy the excitement of DiDi’s annual Summe r Art Camps. They are stimulating and educative and include lots of different activities!


Schools, scouts, associations and businesses have the opportunity to come in, be creative and get their imaginations flowing! Everyone goes home with their unique piece of art.

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MacDonagh Junction Mall, Kilkenny, Ireland

Call: 086 308 5270